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  • Gann Emblem
  • Square of Nine
Gann Emblem The Gann emblem is the Circle divide up by a Square and Triangle.The points at which the Circle,square and Triangle meet give is our key pressure points.The Gann emblem and its symmetry with simplicity,also shows the true proportion relationship between these geometrical shapes.
Square of Nine Gann Square of Nine or Gann Pyramid as it is also called is one of the most useful tools in the investment industry. Once mastered it is very useful when applied to financial analysis. The Gann Square of Nine is most often used to confirm the significance of highs and lows in terms of stocks, commodities and other types of investments. Imagine being able to predict when to buy a particular stock and how much to pay. The Gann Square of Nine makes this not only possible, but also a reality that has worked for many investors over the past century.